Billy Dee is an artist based in Durham, NC who uses art to connect with people in hir communities and in the wider world. Billy has worked as a freelance art educator, an artist/mentor with high school students, and teaching artist. Ze loves to collaborate, is passionate about the transformative power of art, and is always trying to figure out how to make art in a way that supports movement building for social justice.

While living in Chicago, ze worked frequently with Project NIA as an artist and designer (check out my site for samples of this work!). Billy has worked as a puppet builder and designer, has made props for theater, and has performed in a few productions as well.

*You may have noted that Bill uses the gender pronouns “ze/hir” instead of the more commonly used pronouns “she/her” or “he/him”.  Not familiar with these pronouns? No worries! The amazing folks at the Warren Wilson College Writing Center have produced a handy little document which addresses the use of these gender-neutral pronouns.

Check it out right here:

Gender-Neutral Language Info sheet!


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  1. Thanks Billy Dee for including the Warren Wilson College Writing Center’s document on gender-neutral pronouns. Very informative.

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