Illustrations from No Selves to Defend  , a zine focused on focused “on the legacy and history of criminalizing women for self-defense” (2014). Portrait of Rosa Lee Ingram (Left), Portrait of Bernadette Powell (Right)


This image was created for the exhibition “Black Inside: A History of Captivity and Confinement in the U.S”(2012). The image was created to note some of the many connections which exist between generations of activists and leaders who have struggled for Black freedom in the U.S.

We Don't Want This to Look Like a Massacre

This image was created as part of an illustrated zine which tells the story of the Danziger Bridge shootings in New Orleans which occurred just after Hurricane Katrina. The zine is a part of a series entitled ‘Historical Moments in Policing, Violence, and Resistance’ made in collaboration with project NIA, summer 2012.


This is a selection from “The Prison Industrial Complex Is…” an illustrated zine created in collaboration with Project NIA & in conjunction with the temporary exhibition “Unfinished Business: Juvenile Justice” at the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum in 2011. To see the whole zine, check out this website…


This poster is based on a photograph by the extraordinary Richard Ross (to see the body of work of which this work is a part, check out :  This poster was created for an exhibition entitled “Art against Incarceration: Graphic Responses to the Prison Industrial Complex” which also served as a fundraiser for Project NIA (exhibition @ Many People’s Church and The Common Cup Cafe in Chicago 2010).


This poster was created for the “Unmarked Campaign” in Chicago (2010)


This is a page from a comic book created by Billy Dee and Fiver for the Montreal-based group ‘The People’s Commission on Immigrations and “Security” Measures’

The comic book tells the story of Project Thread, an RCMP operation in 2003 which led to the arrest of 24 Pakistani men in Toronto on national security charges, which turned out to be completely bogus. (Comic completed 2009)


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